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Posted By :    Jennifer Fitzsimmons
Posted :    8/1/2016
Comments :    I've been taking my dog, Abigail, to Dr. Bowe since she was 8 weeks old. He takes time to explain what is going on and shows genuine concern for your pet. The staff is always very friendly and takes very good care of my lil' furry BFF. Recently, Abigail had to have emergency surgery and everyone took time to talk me through my worry and questions. I recommend North Colony Animal Clinic to everyone I know that gets a new pet.
Posted By :    Lauren Vinita  (
Posted :    6/24/2015
Comments :    My family has been bringing our cats in for over 20 years, and Dr. Tim Bowe has always been amazing with all four of them, even the difficult females. Within the last few years, I have been bringing my baby Nacho in with a skin disorder, and Dr. K-Bowe has given him so much attention and love, making it a great experience, even when I was in panic or upset when he has flare ups. The front staff has always been caring, especially Alexis, and I never feel like a burden when having to bring one of the three cats in, which can sometimes be quite often. Troubles always come in threes, haha. Thank you for always being there when needed and caring about my babies!
Posted By :    Nancy Newton  (
Posted :    4/2/2015
Comments :    The love I feel for my animals is shared by NCAC. Dr. Tim Bowe is amazing to me in the sense that he puts me at ease and explains everything to me. No question is stupid. He is never in a hurry to rush me out the door. I love this clinic, the vets and the staff. I will never go anywhere else. Ever!
Posted By :    Denise Roustio  (
Posted :    8/16/2014
Comments :    Dr. T Bowe is awesome!!!! We have been bringing our dogs to him for 14 years. We had the pleasure of meeting Dr. K Bowe at the emergency clinic in Plano several times, glad to see her on staff at NCAC. Our sons dogs are patients of Dr. T Bowe also...We recommend him highly ... Thank you Dr. Bowe's...:)
Posted By :    Sandi Denton
Posted :    6/30/2014
Comments :    Our animals have been patients for almost 8 years. We have been through the good and the bad, but we can always count on the team at North Colony, especially Dr. Tim Bowe, to take care of our four-legged kids. We have watched compassion as we let go and joy as we adopted new (and he didn't even call us crazy for bringing home TWO Lab puppies). Couldn't recommend a better group of doctors to care for your pets.
Posted By :    Teresa Dudley  (
Posted :    4/11/2014
Comments :    We recently moved to this area, and have been looking for a good vet who would really care for our pets after being spoiled by our previous vet. Yesterday, we saw Dr. T. Bowe, and really appreciated the care and attention he gave our dog, Riley. The staff was friendly and helpful. We have 5 dogs, and will be using the North Colony Animal Clinic from now on!!
Posted By :    Brenda Burden  (
Posted :    2/12/2014
Comments :    Well, I have a lot to say about NCAC, too much to put here on this site, without blowing it up. Let me just say Dr. Bowe and Dr. Darbro are the best vets in The Colony and in the Dallas Area. They are the most caring, most considerate, most loving and all the other nice words I can't think of right now. The staff is right on board with them also. I have been going to see Dr. Bowe so, long and I have actually forgotten how many years without telling my age :-). But I know at least for the last 12 years, my terrier has been under his care, and he is in great shape to as old as he is, and that's because of the people at clinic. They not only care about our babies and children's, but they care about the parents also. My pet name for Dr. Bowe is Dr. Wonderful, and his wife is Ms. Dr. Wonderful and they are surely that. Again, there is only one North Colony Animal Clinic in the world as for as I am concern, and we are bless to have them right here in the Colony. Go see them, you will not be disappointed.
Posted By :    Greta Goddard
Posted :    1/24/2014
Comments :    I just moved to Texas from Illinois and I haven't had time to find a new vet yet. Just yesterday I woke up to find my dog having a really red and really swollen eye. I found this clinic online and decided I'd give them a try based on others testimonials. I called them that morning and they got me in with no trouble at all later that day. I took my dog in and everyone at the clinic was extremely friendly to me and to my dog. Dr. Kathleen Bowe did amazing work with my baby. My dog is extremely terrified of people messing with his face and she dealt with his eye problem with such compassion and kindness! The staff was terrific and is truly compassionate about animals. My dogs eye is already much better, and I felt so pleased and assured when Dr. Bowe told me to make sure to give her a call the next day if it wasn't looking better. Needless to say, I will do no more searching for my vet. Thank you North Colony Animal Clinic!
Posted By :    Michele Tapp  (
Posted :    12/29/2013
Comments :    Dr. Bowe is simply amazing. I have been going to Dr. Bowe for almost 18 years now and would not trust my pets to any other place. Not only are the doctors amazing, compassionate and knowledgeable but the staff is too! They go above and beyond every time to provide the best care imaginable. They are part of the family for sure :)
Posted By :    Tonya & Curtis Duncan  (
Posted :    12/15/2013
Comments :    My old pets have been seen by three veterinary practices in their lives, with North Colony Animal Center in their twilight years. In September, the staff at NCAC helped my husband and I through the process and the loss of our very old baby Mandy. Mandy was diagnosed with breast cancer....four turmors. Dr Bowe took the surgery on, with the great care they give every baby. Unfortunately, Mandy's heart stopped on the table, and she simply did not recover the surgery. Everyone on the staff expressed sympathy, but more then that, they were empathetic. They had been there. The love our animals like any animal of their one. I trust this group of people with my babies.
Posted By :    Sara
Posted :    11/28/2013
Comments :    My family and I love NCAC! We have taken our cat here for years, and now we take my rescue pup! All of the doctors are so nice and genuinely care for our pets. I wouldn't take my dog anywhere else!
Posted By :    Never Again
Posted :    11/20/2013
Comments :    I would never trust one of my dogs to this group of so called vetrinarians! My dog had surgery to remove something from her stomach and Dr. Bowe did not ask my permission and he spaded her at the same time! They moved her to recover and she was laying on her right side and Dr. Bowe told the techs to turn her over, and when they started moving her, her heart stopped! Every one knows that after surgery, you do not put someone or the animal on their left side so that all their weight is on the heart! Dr. Bowe after he hoe hummmmed all day to see if the blockage would pass, finally did the surgery and I blame him and his group of morons for killing my dog! When she died, they wouldn't even release her body to me after taking all my money for the surgery, so that I could get her cremated! I hope the same thing happens to them! And they have a doctor that will just let them die! BG
Posted By :    Phyllis Kendrick
Posted :    5/23/2013
Comments :    Words cannot express how thankful I am for Dr. Timothy & Kathleen Bowe. They are amazing and awesome at what they do. I will forever be thankful that God place NCAC in my path. As long as I owe a baby with four legs they will be my baby doctor's.
Posted By :    Abby Levin  (
Posted :    2/3/2013
Comments :    I cannot thank Dr. Timothy Bowe and everyone at NCAC enough for their kindness, compassion and commitment while they cared for Maddie, my tabby who broke her leg back in October. We were referred to Dr. Bowe for his excellent surgical skills and I could not have asked for a better experience and now Miss Maddie is healed and doing great! It was a long journey as Maddie had her external fixator on for 14 weeks, but Dr. Bowe trusted the process which kept me encouraged and now Maddie is back to her active self. Dr. Bowe and everyone at NCAC runs the practice with integrity and I would recommend anyone to Dr. Bowe for the care of their ‘furry friends’. They truly put the care of their patients first.
Posted By :    Randy & Leah Peters
Posted :    1/15/2013
Comments :    Words will never express my gratitude for the NCAC. From the front to the back the staff is friendly, compassionate and professional. I will continue to have NCAC care for my Princess and any future family members. Thank you for always taking the best care of my baby!
Posted :    6/25/2012
Comments :    I welcome the opportunity to commend the Bows for their compitance and carisma. We live in NH but spent 7 months in Tx 3 yrs ago. This is the very best practice that we have ever experienced in our 47 yrs of marriage with all sorts of animals. Sincere best wishes to both of you, we shall never forget your kindness and hope that your son has enjoyed vet school and is looking foward to being part of a very special team.
Posted By :    Tina Garry  (
Posted :    4/4/2012
Comments :    Dr. Timothy Bowe is a God-send. He is THE most amazing, kind, compassionate and intelligent vet I have ever been to in my life. I always walk out of there knowing that my furry babies have been very well taken care of with the upmost consideration for their well-being. In addition, the staff is always so friendly and helpful. All around, it's a good experience.
Posted By :    B. H. Zehentmayr
Posted :    10/28/2011
Comments :    Our Border Collie, Teddie Mozart, had a near death experience a few years back and was brought back to life by this wonderful group of physicians and staff. I wouldn't even dream of taking him anywhere else for his annual visits. Teddie Mozart actually enjoys going to the vet. How many owners can say that!
Posted By :    Sara
Posted :    10/13/2011
Comments :    Truly an amazing group of people! I feel so blessed to have the Dr. Bowe Team as our Vets. My pup Rona became very ill and required emergency surgery the day I brought her in to their office. Their care of my best friend and myself cannot be surpassed. They are so very compassionate, patient, and extremely knowledgeable. They communicated with me every step of the way. My Rona is now home with me and is feeling so much better thanks to the Bowes and the entire team at the hospital.
Posted By :    Linda & Phil Perry  (
Posted :    5/29/2011
Comments :    We cannot say enough good things about this facility. They are compassionate and professional. We have been in the clinic a number of times and the staff is always friendly and gentle with our 3 cats and 3 dogs. Our Dakota had emergency surgery 2 days ago and she could not have been in better hands. Thank you Dr Kathleen Bowe and Leslie. We appreciate you.
Posted By :    Bob and Linda Bourbon
Posted :    1/1/2011
Comments :    Bob and I are super happy with Dr. Bowe. He has treated our Sandy since we moved here in 2005. Sandy is 14 yrs old now, but with the wonderful care given by Dr Bowe, she is really doing great. And now with our new puppy, Bella, we look forward to the same wonderful care they give. Check Bella out on the Photos section. Thanks to all at NCAC. All the staff are great.
Posted By :    Stetson and Kelly Moore
Posted :    12/22/2010
Comments :    We truly trust everyone at the NCAC. They have been wonderful to our dog and we have recommended them to many people. They go above and beyond what is required. Our dog had to stay with them for 5 weeks this summer after a foot surgury (he was a not healing due to his size and stubbornness :))they were great. They made him feel right at home. He is very nervous around people and everyone in the office worked to make him feel comfortable. I would really like to thank Dr. Bowe and the entire staff for caring for Apollo!
Posted By :    Jon & Kim Tutt
Posted :    8/15/2010
Comments :    We were referred to NCAC by a friend. Dr. Greg Darbro immediately diagnosed our 10 year old bloodhound Chase. Dr Darbro answered all our questions and was sincere about helping Chase to the point we haven't noticed in other Vets. We want to thank the staff and Dr.Darbro for Chase's quick recovery.
Posted By :    Elizabeth  (
Posted :    8/2/2010
Comments :    We have taken our "baby" to Dr. Bowe for multiple visits, and each one has been a complete dream. It's already a stressful day when you are dealing with distressed pets, but the staff was so sweet and my cat fell in love with Dr. Timothy Bowe. She is not a fan of strangers, but she really likes him. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my little pride and joy. I highly recommend this clinic to all my friends with pets. Her surgery to remove a mass on her shoulder was a success and she was back to herself in a few days. I'll always be thankful for the kindness he showed her. Thank you!!
Posted By :    Amanda Mackoy  (
Posted :    5/22/2010
Comments :    I recently went for a visit there and was completely blown away by the kindness of Becky. I just adopted a new little girl and was a little taken away by the cost of everything with her being a pound puppy.(she had worms and an upper resp. infection-no fault of anyone but the lack of care she received before I adopted her)Anyways, I started to cry at the desk like an idiot because of my financial difficulties and she was so kind. She offered different suggestions and just was so empathetic. I have been going there for a year or so now with my other animals and have never had a bad experience but this was phenomenal. I never planned on leaving before but I definitely will be back always due to her complete care and understanding.
Posted By :    Vincent and Allison Sheets
Posted :    5/2/2010
Comments :    Our family cannot say enough about the wonderful doctors and staff at NCAC. For the past seven years, they have seen our cat and two dogs for everything from routine care to the emergency surgery that saved our sweet Red's life when he was still just a puppy--in fact, we know that Red would not be alive today had it not been for the excellent care he received from Dr. Darbro and Dr. Bowe. I recommend this clinic to everyone I know regardless of where they live b/c the level of care and service each patient receives there is worth the drive! Dr. Timothy Bowe is our primary vet and he always takes the time during exams to play with our dogs--gets right down on the floor with them or gives them treats to try to help put them at ease. And he always takes the time to actually educate us on what's going on with our pets--we're never rushed in and out. He's just great! The entire staff have become a part of our family and we appreciate all you do to keep our "furkids" healthy and happy. Sincerely, The Sheets family
Posted By :    Michael James  (
Posted :    2/15/2010
Comments :    Thank y'all so much for taking such great care of my dog. Also, thank y'all for putting up with me. I know I probably annoyed y'all by coming by to see her when she was there for her surgery but I really appreciated getting to see that she was OK. Y'all are the best.
Posted By :    Jennifer Fanucci  (
Posted :    2/8/2010
Comments :    I just want to say that Dr. Bowe is absolutely AMAZING, he has been treating my dogs since i adopted them, and he was the one who put 2 of them down. He was so kind. I live 45 minutes away but knowing that my dogs will be in his care makes it worth the drive. We got a new puppy and I'm excited to take her in today!!!
Posted By :    Ellen Pallone  (
Posted :    1/25/2010
Comments :    I can't find the words to tell Dr. Bowe how very thankful I am for what he did for our Nala girl. Nala ate dental floss. I truly believe that if Dr. Bowe had not watched her so closely and did the surgery when he did that our Nala girl would not be with us today. All of the staff at NCAC are always on top of every emergency that we have had with our furry family members.Thank you all so much!
Posted By :    Slama
Posted :    10/23/2009
Comments :    I have to say these guys are they only people I will take my dogs to. They reall know what they're doin and all very kind! Best vet around.
Posted By :    Rob and Jacqueline Laas  (
Posted :    10/14/2009
Comments :    We want to thank all the staff at NCAC and especially Dr. Timothy Bowe for caring for Bentley during his short life. During his diagnosis of Megaesophagus, through all the problems and weird maladies, and finally at the end everyone was very kind and caring. Thank you.
Posted By :    Ted and Kim Martin  (
Posted :    10/5/2009
Comments :    Words are not enough to express the gratitude and respect we have for the doctors and staff at NCAC. We started seeing Dr. Darbro almost 15 years ago. He saved our first Basset Hound Abbie from Parvo and he and Dr. Bowe have given the most passionate care to all 6...soon to be 7 of our dogs. Ted and I consider the Doctors and staff to be our extended family. We have had shared many laughs...(Moses)....and tears. When we moved to Denton we never considered changing our's hard to beat perfection! We love you guys!!!!
Posted By :    Bryan and Dr. Betty Schearf  (
Posted :    9/4/2009
Comments :    The staff at NCAC is THE BEST. We have entrusted them to the care for "our family" for over 16 years. In that time we have went through “phases” our pets from old with many needs to young with growth needs. We know from experience that the staff at NCAC show respect, dedication and care no matter if your pet is young or old. In our "animal family care" there is no other choice but NCAC. Thanks! Dr. Betty Schearf, PhD
Posted By :    Sheri & LeeAnn  (
Posted :    7/30/2009
Comments :    We can't begin to thank Dr. Mrs. Bowe & Dr. Mr. Bowe for all that they have done for us over the years. We've been clients of Dr. Mr. Bowe for nearly 10 years and our cats / kids just adore him. Mrs. Bowe recently came to treat our beloved "kids" and they adore her just the same. We've since welcomed two new family members, Sami & Fiddle, all thanks to the "Bowe's" and it's a true love story. THANK YOU GUYS AND YOUR SUPPORT STAFF - YOU ARE ALL TRUELY THE BEST!
Posted By :    Ruth Ann Rutherford  (
Posted :    6/25/2009
Comments :    Dr. Darbro is so wonderful and caring. Our dog, Jasper, whines (in a good way) the minute he arrives at the clinic and hears Dr. Darbro's voice. It's crazy how much he loves Dr. D. Dogs are a good judge of people! We are blessed to have such a caring Vet. Thanks for being so terrific! Gary, Ruth Ann & Jasper
Posted By :    Ruth Ann Rutherford  (
Posted :    6/25/2009
Comments :    Dr. Darbro is so wonderful and caring. Our dog, Jasper, whines (in a good way) the minute he arrives at the clinic and hears Dr. Darbro's voice. It's crazy how much he loves Dr. D. Dogs are a good judge of people! We are blessed to have such a caring Vet. Thanks for being so terrific! Gary, Ruth Ann & Jasper
Posted By :    Amanda Overton  (
Posted :    6/7/2009
Comments :    First as a client, and later as an employee, I discovered what an incredible clinic NCAC is. I am forever grateful for Dr. Darbro, since he cured the back problems my dog Blue-my pride and joy- suffered through. Blue dealt with random rear leg paralysis and had visited several other doctors who failed to diagnose the problem. In one visit, Dr. Darbro pinpointed the issue and Blue has been better than ever since then. He has also been wonderful with the rest of my animals. When working with him, he encouraged me to pursue a career as a veterinarian. He was never too busy to stop and explain things to me. I learned more about veterinary science in the 5 months I worked there then I did in my previous 5 years at other vet clinics. Take your dogs to NCAC. It's worth the drive!
Posted By :    Randy & Tannya Ritter  (
Posted :    3/9/2009
Comments :    NCAC is the best clinic around. I have been going to this clinic ever since Dr. Darbro took it over. His compassion and caring for our 4 legged children knows no bounds. His staff of wonderful technicians and office support is hands down the best around. You can tell they dearly love what they do and it shows everytime you walk in the door. The clinic doctors, Darbro and Bowe and all of the staff Leslie, Jodie, Kim, Jennifer, Becky (to name a few) will always have a special place in our hearts. Thanks for taking such great care of our little Gizmo. While we miss him so very much, the care you showed for him and our family will always be remembered. Thank you again!!!!!
Posted By :    Jasmine Montgomery  (
Posted :    3/8/2009
Comments :    I was recommend to Dr. Bowe for Orthopedic Surgery for my dog Skittles. I have to say I have not seen such a friendly, well organized, patient, knowledgeable, and all around awesome Veterinarian Clinic such as the North Colony Animal Clinic. I would definitely recommend this practice to anyone looking for a vet. I believe that Dr. Bowe is a quality Veterinarian and I have never seen a vet who is very detailed, knowledgeable, and willing to make sure the client understands anything and everything that goes on with their care. I can definitely say that he goes beyond the normal actions of a Veterinarian to make sure his clients receive top care. I’ve been working with this clinic for about 3 weeks and I have to say that I run around the dog park giving praise and compliments to Dr. Bowe. Skittles surgery was a success and she is healing quite well. The front desk stff is very helpful, attentive, and patient with things and very understanding. Thank you North Colony Animal Clinic for everything. I definitely appreciate it.
Posted By :    Jordan & Johnny Adams
Posted :    1/26/2009
Comments :    Dr. Bowe is absolutely amazing. We believe in him and trust him 100% with our boxers. Darby's knee surgery was a success because he went above and beyond to make sure of it. From phone calls to check in on her to making us, the owners, feel that everything was going to be all right. We love Dr. Bowe - so much I created a jingle for him that we sing when it's time for the girls to visit! We are RAVING fans!!!!
Posted By :    Michael and Peggie Fox  (
Posted :    1/22/2009
Comments :    Just wanted to thank Dr. Darbro and staff (especially Leslie) for the caring, compassion and support they have shown us and our Deeka. It is one thing to be a competent Vet, but another thing entirely to geniunely show caring and support for both the man and his dog. Dr. Darbro has gone out of his way to offer options of care, answer frantic phone calls and took the time with us as he knew we were hurting. In what must always be a very busy day, it was truly appreciated that he made himself available to us with prompt replies and words of encouragement. Like others here that have posted, we live in McKinney but much willing to make the drive to entrust our animals to Dr. Darbro and the staff. Our "little girl" lost her battle with cancer, but Deeka was never scared of going to the vet as I truly believe, like me, that she was part of the family.
Posted By :    Shannon Emmons  (
Posted :    1/2/2009
Comments :    Dr. Bowe was our vet for over 10 years, and was the most amazing Dr. to our 4 fur babies! We have moved out of state, and there is not a Vet around that will be able to measure up to the amount of love and care he his given our pets over the years. Thanks for being you Dr. Bowe! We miss you!
Posted By :    Mikki  (
Posted :    11/21/2008
Comments :    We live in McKinney, work in Dallas, and bring our boxer Mackenzie to The Colony just to see Dr. Darbro. He "gets" her. Between her pancreatitis and spaying her at 5yrs, and now a hemagioma and epulis all in one surgery, he has kept us informed all along the way and handled her with kid gloves. No other vet has offered to call us back regarding her 'behavior' issues, or referred us to books about our type of girl. It is SO out of our way to visit Dr Darbro, but we will continue to as long as he and Baby Mack enjoy each other's company. Thank you so much for your time and effort!
Posted By :    Cyndi Griffin  (
Posted :    10/27/2008
Comments :    Words can never express the dedication Dr. Bowe has for his furry patients. He has tirelesly and lovingly cared for our pets for more than 12 years as well as many, many beloved pets of our friends and family. He has earned our complete confidence and we know our pets are in the best possible medical hands. I wholeheartedly trust this professional to care for my "babies" and will never adopt another one without first consulting with him for an evaluation of the pet's health and disposition. The Colony is so very fortunate to have this professional and compassionate veternarian.


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