North Colony Animal Clinic

4695 North Colony Blvd, Suite 100
The Colony, TX 75056



Tator-Tot: Personal Relations Specialist

Tator Tot was born June 2014 and was quite the sick kitten when he
was brought to us. Not only was he covered in fleas and dehydrated,
but he had a severe respiratory virus and was very weak. After we got
him healthy there was no letting him go, Tator had won our hearts and
Gypsey had a playmate.

Since then, Tator has charmed every client, two legged and four
legged, by simply being himself. You can most often find him in any
unattended purse, an empty box, or purring loudly in a warm place.
Tator Tot, though always busy mingling with clients and patients,
never misses an opportunity to meet his adoring fans and lay in their



Gypsy: Laboratory Technician

Gypsy was born in April 2014 and had a rough start to her now
pampered life. She was brought to us with most of her tail already
missing, and in overall poor condition. Once we had the chance to
care for and bond with her we knew she was meant to stay with us.
Gypsy's current hobbies include drinking fresh water from the faucet,
laying in clean laundry, and hiding in any open cabinet. Though she
rarely makes an appearance up front, she is crucial to our success.
Not only does she insure our lab equipment runs properly, she also
protects us from rolls of paper towels by shredding them to pieces.